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        CX-9900 mobile metal analyzer

        CX-9900 mobile metal analyzer




        CX-9900 mobile metal analyzer is a mobile arc spark spectrometer ideal for many applications in the metal producing, processing, and recycling industries. CX-9900 mobile metal analyzer has advantages of high precision and good stability of analysis, easily operation, and extensive applications, small size, light in weight. CX-9900 mobile analyzer can be used in identification of materials in processing factory, structure material analysis in petrochemical equipment, and metal analysis in recycling industry.

        CX-9900 mobile spectrometer is metal analyzer with CCD optical technology and modern microelectronics components.

        CX-9900 mobile spectrometer is your choice for analysis of C, P, S, B, Sn, As and N and other non-metallic elements and other metal contents in inconvenient cutting large Metal components. It can analyze various forms of metal materials, such as: pipe, bar, valves, welds, tanks, castings and so on. The CX-9900 Mobile Spectrometer can meet your analytical requirements, whether in the factory premises or outside the factory, in scrap yards, submerged submarine tanks, or on high-altitude ladders in chemical plants.



        1. Europe Technology was introduced, first manufacturer of mobile metal analyzer in China, Break the technological monopoly, small volume, light-weight

        2. Applied with CCD optical technology and modern microelectronic components; it is the best choice for the analysis of non-metallic elements such as C, P, S, B, Sn, As in those large metal components which are not easy to cut.

        3. Can analyze all kinds of metal materials

        4. Improved optical system makes it suitable for analysis needs under various circumstances, no matter outside or high altitude. High accuracy and stability.

        5. Integrated design, portable, can be divided for transportation

        6. Battery pack can be used for CCD, hundreds of excitation for once charge

        7. Typical Pashce-Runge Structure

        8. Core parts are from top global suppliers, ensure the optical performance

        9. HEPS digital spark light source improves the stability of discharging, ensures the analysis accuracy.

        10. High-end ARM processor, high-speed data collection and process synchronously, only 20 seconds is needed for one analysis

        11. Optimized data stability and good data consistency for analysis in different periods.

        12. It is free to extend curves, change or add channel in same matrix. Hard configuration is not needed for adding new matrix, free technical support and software update

        13. Simple and elegant outlook design, optimized property, cost-effective, low energy consumption

        14. Focus on customer requirements, offer in-time after-sale service



        Optical   System

        Optical   Structure

        Pachen-Rounge   Mount

        Diameter of Rowland Circle


        Wavelength Range



        CCD(charge-coupled   device)

        Pixel Resolution


        Full Spectrum

        Cover the whole   element analysis

        Light source         system


        HEPS digital spark   light source

        Spark Frequency


        Plasma Current


        Ignition Voltage


        Excitation   Stand

        Jet   electrode technology reduces the argon gas consumption, increasing the use   efficiency of the argon gas

        Good heat dissipation, Excitation temperation   increase was less than 5℃ for   100 times excitation continually

        Ensure the accuracy of the analysis under the condition of   heavy load data


        Analysis   Matrix

        Fe   base, Al base, Cu base, Ni base, Mg base, Pb base

        Host dimension


        Lorry dimension


        Excitation gun dimension



        Host:   25kg, Lorry: 20kg, Excitation gun: 2.5kg

        Runing Temperature


        Relative humidity



        AC220V / 50Hz

        Power consumption

        Excitation: 300W,   Stand by: 100W

        Argon Quality

        99.999%, Argon   Pressure≥4MPa

        Argon Consumption

        6L/min during spark mode


        In the fields of Metallurgy, casting, machining, automobile manufacture, aerospace, weapons, metal processing, production technology control, furnace tests, laboratory inspection

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